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Revolutionizing healthcare by significantly improving healthcare outcomes, while lowering the cost of care, one kidney stone at a time.


99.5% Success Rate

Procedures performed by Bedrock Lithotripsy have a 99.5% success rate.


Just Under An Hour

The average time per procedure by Bedrock Lithotripsy is 56 minutes.


100% Satisfaction

Physicans we serve have reported a 100% satisfaction rate with the services from Bedrock Lithotripsy.


Less Time Under Anesthesia

Because Bedrock Lithotripsy’s process takes less time, patients experience less time under anesthesia.

Less X-Ray Time

The average fluoroscopy (x-ray) time needed per patient is 3 minutes, 10 seconds.

Experienced Staff

The staff at Bedrock Lithotripsy are experts in their field with decades of experience.

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First In The World

Bedrock Lithotripsy was selected by Dornier to be the first practice, in the world, to utilize the New Dornier Delta III Lithotripter. 

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